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As the team leader you’re the organizer! Select the fitness or sports activity for your group of 6.

We’ll add you to a group chat with your team to stay connected + earn rewards from local sponsors!

As a sponsored team leader, you’ll get a FREE membership by inviting 5 friends to your team! Every week you’ll post check in photos with your team on social media!

Let’s get sweaty.

How to Start a Team:

1) Select your team goal (Team Name)
2) Select a sports or fitness activity (Location)
3) Create a schedule
4) Invite friends to your team

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⠀⠀ At this time SweatPack uses Instagram for our team chats! If you don't have an Instagram it's free + easy to create one! ⠀⠀
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⠀⠀ *Community Leader = Creates team + opens team to public *Sponsored Team Leader = Free membership for inviting 5 friends + marketing *Corporate Wellness - Executive decision makers ⠀⠀